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With Control4® lighting products, you can create custom, ambient lighting throughout your home and you can do so much more. Our solutions help you create a beautifully lit home that is also responsive to your needs. From remote control to smart lighting that helps you save electricity — Control4 solutions offer endless possibilities. And because Control4 lighting products are so affordably priced, there is a complete package for practically any budget. Here are just four of the many ways you can use our lighting solutions to create a smarter, more comfortable home.

Turn your whole house “off” with Control4.

Picture it. No more midnight re-con missions through the house to make sure lights are off and the house is secure for the night. With Control4, you simply set a Good Night Scene and with the single push of a button, lights will turn off, a bathroom light might dim at 10% for the kids, the TVs shut off, the thermostat drops the temperature a few degrees, and the alarm is armed. Your system will notify you if any doors are left open, including the garage. Even better, you can easily add lighting control to any existing home because the products leverage existing wiring.

Enjoy the movie theatre experience at home with Control4.

With Control4, you can use one button to create a full movie-theatre experience in your home theatre. The lights will dim to the perfect level while other lights in the house are turned off, the movie starts to play with full-blown surround sound, and the temperature drops a bit so everyone is comfortable. And, when the pizza arrives, you’ll get a notification and can double check the IP camera at the door to make sure you’re not being interrupted by some door-to-door salesman.

Create the perfect party with Control4.

You’re hosting one of your famous dinner parties, and everyone is gathered in the kitchen enjoying the ambiance you set with the touch of a button just before the first guest arrived. The lights are bright, the music is cranking and everyone is having a great time. But now it’s time to serve dinner. Another button push, and the lights slowly dim in the kitchen and rise in the dining room while the music shifts to a soft mellow jazz. After dinner, you touch another button and the patio lights come up, music starts to play outside, the hot tub heats to optimum temperature, the gas fire pit kicks on and you and your guests adjourn to the backyard for dessert and entertainment.