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Whether home theatre means a cozy corner of your living room or a screening room with theatre seating, Control4® products make it easy to find a solution that fits your home perfectly. The possibilities are endless — and setup is easier and more affordable than you ever imagined. Here are just a few of the many ways to enjoy your own private home theatre.
Use just one remote to turn on your entire home theatre with Control4.

If it usually takes you at least 4 remotes and a couple of references to the manuals or your 8-year-old to turn on your home theatre, you’ll love Control4. One-touch can turn on the TV or projector, the DVD changer, satellite, stereo system, and even lower a projector screen, sets everything up for watching a movie, and gives you a library of cover art so you can easily select the movie you want to see. Your one-touch theatre setting can also lower the lights and shades in the room and raise or lower the temperature to create the perfect ambiance.

Easily access your movie collection with Control4.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably spent more time looking for DVDs and replaced more copies of The Incredibles than you care to admit. Now you can access all of the movies in your multi-disc changer from one simple interface, and search by cover art. And, as movie distribution continues to evolve, Control4 lets you access all kinds of video sources – BlueRay, streaming video, etc. – from the same easy-to-use interface

Add a home theatre to your current home – no remodeling required – with Control4.

You don’t have to undertake a major remodeling project, knock down walls or start building a new house to enjoy the benefits of an impressive home theatre. With Control4, your dealer simply connects the Home Controller to your TV or projector, receivers, bookshelf or in-wall speakers and you’re ready to entertain at home. The system can easily access all of your movies and coordinate all of your theatre gear, giving you complete, intuitive control over your theatre. And you can get rid of all those miscellaneous remotes!